January 28, 2021

John Romano’s Eulogy for Dan Duchaine

John Romano published this tribute to Dan Duchaine for RxMuscle on November 3, 2009. The eulogy “My Friend Dan Duchaine by John Romano” is reposted in its entirety below: [Read more…]

David Jenkins’ Eulogy for Dan Duchaine

“Hey Dan, What’s up?” I asked answering the phone in the wee morning hours. I hear Dan say slowly all nubained out, “Why do you wrap a hamster in masking tape?” Perplexed I answer, “What?” Dan chuckled and slurs out, “So it doesn’t explode when you fuck it. See you in Anaheim tomorrow.” Dan hangs up.

“You know I don’t eat fish.” he said. “Well you would know if you bothered to read my books.” This was a typical Dan-style opening line as we sat in an Anaheim hotel during our first meeting. [Read more…]