October 23, 2020

John Romano’s Eulogy for Dan Duchaine

John Romano published this tribute to Dan Duchaine for RxMuscle on November 3, 2009. The eulogy “My Friend Dan Duchaine by John Romano” is reposted in its entirety below: [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine: Interview by Dante Trudel for Hardcore Muscle

Dante Trudel interviewed Dan Duchaine for the Hardcore Muscle newsletter in November 1995. The entire text of the “Harcore Muscle Interview with Dan Duchaine” is reposted below: [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine: Interview by Millard Baker for Mesomorphosis

I interviewed Dan Duchaine in December 1997 for the website, Mesomorphosis. The entire text of the “Dan Duchaine: The Steroid Guru Interview” is republished below: [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine: Interview by Scott Harrah for MuscleZine

Scott Harrah interviewed Dan Duchaine for MuscleZine entitled “Dan Duchaine Unchained: The ‘Guru’ Breaks the Silence on Steroids“. Duchaine freely discussed the less glamorous side of steroid dealing. Dan went to prison twice for selling bodybuilding drugs. He discusses his experiences in some detail. [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine: Interview by Nelson Montana for Testosterone.net

Nelson Montana interviewed Dan Duchaine for Testosterone.net (the predecessor of T-Nation) during the late 1990s. Montana introduces Duchaine describing his contributions to bodybuilding via his articles and books about anabolic steroids. [Read more…]

The Dan Duchaine Tribute Show on OFF Topic Radio

Dan Duchaine was the subject of a tribute show on OFF TOPIC Radio with Aaron Singerman and Carl Lanore.

OFF Topic #33 – The Dan Duchaine Tribute Show (September 3, 2009)

The Dan Duchaine Tribute Show – A star-studded line up including Will Brink, Patrick Arnold, Michael Mooney, John Romano, Millard Baker and Nelson Montana all recall personal stories about the Original Guru himself, Dan Duchaine. [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Dan Duchaine died on January 12, 2000 of complications resulting from polycystic kidney disease (PKD). He was 48 years old. While many anti-steroid crusaders would like to imagine that Dan’s PKD was the result of his self-experimentation with anabolic steroids, this is completely false. PKD is an inherited disordered that is passed down through families. [Read more…]

Dan Duchaine on the Internet

Dan Duchaine the Steroid Guru